Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love Twilight.  That period before dusk where the sky is a brilliant shade of blueish blackish navy and the stars are just starting to appear…

wait – what?

Twilight is a book?

and a movie???

Okay – yes, I did know that…and out of principle alone I’ve not read it (or seen the movie(s).  I can appreciate a good book and a great movie – it’s the MERCHANDISING that drives me bonkers.

Yes, of course there’s the obligatory Twilight Lunch box (which of us as kids DIDN’T have a lunch box with our favorite movie character or super hero on it?)  I can leave that alone.


I can even appreciate the Twilight bedding set for the teenage girl who is absolutely without a doubt on Team Emeril  (what?  whatever his name is then.)


But – I mean --- Really???

How about a onesie for the not yet addicted (as far as they know)


Or a bra…


how about your very own Edward to cuddle with (in Pillow form of course?)


No, not like that….One more like this:


I gotta tell you, I really don’t see what all these women see in him…

Seriously though, the minute I see an Edward or Bella toothbrush, I may have to have myself temporarily committed to a home for the insane…just promise not to have me roomed with any vampires.

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Jessica said...

That last pillow is incredibly ugly!! lol! I've read the books and saw the first movie, but just am not into it as much as everyone else. And felt that the casting got messed up for the movies. Oh well, what do you do? :)

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