Friday, May 21, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday – Melons

Okay, okay – sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You know you love me for it.

So you all know – today’s the day! 



First – the best commenter…I admit this was tough – even with help from Frank (the UPS guy).  It was so hard to determine who should get the three entries for most creative as there were so many touching stories about personal growth and overcoming the odds…but…I did say creativity counts – and while I am truly inspired by all the stories of hope (you GO girls!)  The winner of the best comment goes to:

ROWDYGIRL – what can I say I’m a sucker for Dr. Suess.  Here’s her comment:

Where will I wear my TaTa's shirt?
I will wear it in the rain, I will wear it on a plane. I will wear it in the car, and I will wear it near and far. I will wear it here and there. I will wear it EVERYwhere!
My favorite spots to wear my TaTa shirt are The Womens Expo, The Home & Patio Show, various Womens Conferences, and at the Annual Walk.
I'm a "fan" of TaTa's via facebook. :)

Congrats Rowdygirl, you just earned yourself 3 additional entries (per the rules)!  And now, for some reason I have an extreme craving for some green eggs and ham…

Now for the important legal-ish stuff.  Entries were calculated based on the submission rules outlined in this post.  Winners were chosen AT RANDOM using number generation.  All winners were loaded into a database and randomly shuffled, and then three numbers were drawn.    The number corresponding to the person in the database was chosen as the winner.  For more information on please click here.

Okay, now, as promised – here’s our winners of the contest – please make sure you contact me with your name, email address and mailing address (plus T-shirt size!) so I can get it out to you.   The THREE winners are:

Heather E. of Laveen Arizona

Brandy Muller. – I don’t know your city (sorry!)

Lisa McCaskill – Don’t know your city either!

Thank you all for registering!  And here’s the deal – I still have 3 t-shirts (or so!) so I’ll be doing this again!  And thanks Ta Ta’s Brand for sponsoring this, and for all the AH – MAY- ZING work you do!

Remember – whether you won or not it’s important to Save The Ta Ta’s!!!  And RowdyGirl – contact me – I’m going to send you a little something for that awesome comment, even though the random generator didn’t pick your number – I still think you should be rewarded!

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Heather said...

Woo hoo! I never win these things! I am so excited - thanks :O)

rowdygirl said...

Hi! I am responding to your post about the Ta Ta's contest. What fun! I'm so glad that you liked my comment. Feel free to email me at . I look forward to hearing from you, and receiving my "little sumthin".
I love my Ta Ta's too~ RowdyGirl (Lisa)
Jacksonville, FL


HOLY FAHREEEEEKIN COW!!!!!!! IZA WINNER! **jumping around the living room** **husband grinning at ta tas bouncing** UM GUESS XL ON THE SIZE...


Carla R Stawiarski said...

Hi, I'm new to Some One Will Buy This how dose Fabulous Finds Fridays
work ( Save The TATAS & other things ) I would like a chance to take part
in it Thanks

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