Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not Your Every Day Cookie Press…thank goodness.

This one is definitely sold as a gag gift.

At least, I sincerely hope and pray with all my might and with all that I am that this is considered part of the gag gift market and not part of the “serious and useful inventions” market.

Using the same idea that is behind your kitchen cookie press I present to you ….

The Turd Twister.

Yes.  I am not kidding.

Now you CAN poop four leaf clovers and then call in the family to marvel in it’s splendor.


Oh, and don’t forget – they are dishwasher safe…because that’s um, sanitary.

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Krista Freier Tjossem said...


Gingah said...

Inadvertent over-insertion? Sphincter Lok...for comfort? Hello...911? I seem to have lodged...

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