Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Got Monkey Butt Yet?

I’m not really certain why people refer to a highly irritated tuckous as “Monkey butt” – I’m fairly certain that those primates that do indeed have large red (and in most cases PINK) bottoms aren’t annoyed by them.


I mean, really – I’ve been to the monkey cages at the San Diego Zoo – and I’ve seen things (Monkey's really Have NO shame) but not a single one of them was standing itching it’s bottom like it’d never sit down again.

That being said – because you know you needed the full Monkey butt explanation – this product name makes no sense to me.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder


Thanks Janene – you are right.  It’s funny.  Funny Ha Ha funny.



Cindi said...

You are too funny! Monkeys get a bad rap. It must be all that nit picking :-)

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