Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Sick…

Sorry folks.  I know there was no Fabulous Finds post yesterday.  You see, I’m not feeling well – so the only things I considered fabulous were pillows, blankets, cold medicine and sleep – lots of it.  Short of reclassifying the Remote controlled tissue box to a Fabulous Find, I simply couldn’t post anything.

I did however find this.


Playing on the fear in the hearts and minds of mothers and germaphobes everywhere – it’s the H1N1 eliminating vacuum.  I’m sure there’s some super technical jargon as to how this thing works – something about the UV light destroying the outer shell of the germ itself and then working it’s way inside and rendering it useless and unable to reproduce…but still.  In my germ infested and totally ill state – I think it’s ridiculous.  Probably because I didn’t think of it first…because I’m totally petty and shallow like that.

I’m going to go lay back down … ah – ah – ah ---- Choooo!   (ouch…)

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