Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday – Smart Shopper USA

Ever gone to the grocery store to grab a few items – you know, the essentials milk, eggs, cheese, exotic vanilla…and come home with the Vanilla, bread, and a new pair of shoes?

No?  That’s just me? Huh.

My other habit?

Making dinner, and running out of something like – let’s say sour cream – and then thinking to myself, “Next time I go to the store I need to pick up some sour cream”  - then I continue with my dinner.  Then I go to the store and stand in the middle of the grains aisle thinking - “What the heck was it that I needed to buy?  Must have been hot dog buns.”

It’s this second reason especially that I love today’s fabulous find.  Smart Shopper USA.


This little magnetic do-hicky is amazing.  You see, it sticks to your refrigerator (or other convenient place in your kitchen) and when you realize you need something at the store you hit the little blue button and say the item into the machine.  It searches through all the pre-loaded items (thousands of them by the way!) and it’ll add them to your list.  Then next time you go to the store, you push the button it prints out the list and away you go.

By the way it can simultaneously keep more than one list at a time.  So the husband can keep one list of car parts while you manage a list of vegetables – or trashy romance novels…whatever.

Of course, while you are making your list – make sure you put on there to get your Save The Ta Ta’s t-shirt.  Not sure what that’s about?  What are you, living under a rock???  Well then make sure you check out our giveaway here.

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