Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday – Save the TaTa’s

Cancer sucks.

I think we can all agree on that one.

I am always supportive of companies and products that give back to Cancer research, regardless of the form.  I love that many, many companies and fine upstanding citizens of the world – such as yourself – are banding together to beat this monster.

However – I especially love it when someone can donate to the cause to cure cancer – and do it with a sense of humor.

This is why today’s Fabulous Find is Save The TaTa’s.  (

First of all, because calling boobs  “Ta Ta’s” is funny.  I don’t care who you are.  It reminds me of being four years old and having my parents change “adult” words into cutesy things so that I can (or in most cases cannot) understand.  Calling boobs TaTa’s is funny – and it gives me warm fuzzy feelings from childhood – it’s a win-win.

imageSecondly – they do have some awesome products.  The one I’m absolutely in love with is the lip balm.  (Stop – do not EVEN let your minds go there…)  I’m allergic to Menthol, and most chap stick products have it in them…or they are fruity flavored and really do  nothing for your lips but make you smell like an orchard.  The Save the TaTa’s brand is All Natural, smells of honey, and is only $3.50 a stick.  I got mine at the local Harley image Davidson Store (I was there buying a Guardian Bell – which is another post entirely…)  They also have shirts, onesies, key chains, water bottle belt clips, an entire line of soaps….the list goes on and on.  There is something TaTa’s for every budget.

Lastly – and most importantly – Save the Tata’s is a not for profit organization committed to a cure.  Every single sale creates a donation to the cause.  And every single penny counts.

So, that is today’s Fabulous Find.  For the record, no – I am not a breast cancer survivor or victim.  I do know someone very close to me who is.  My life has been touched by cancer in several ways – not just breast cancer…and I truly believe this monster has got to be stopped.  Every little bit helps.   And while cancer is a very serious thing, we can learn from TaTa’s…laughter heals.  Every moment counts.  And… an existence to bring joy and healing to the world is not a bad thing.

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Jessica Ardi said...

Thank You for your blog! We would love to add you to our blogging buddies on our website

:) Please send me an email so we can do reciprocal links.

Lisa McCaskill said...

My older boy’s first sentence was “Mama nurse now, please”
So I send my strong, grown boys to school in “Save the Ta Tas” Tees.
I dare any school administrator to send them home to change,
‘Cause you know they’d get an earful of some Ta Ta advocate rage!

I’d put TaTa tees on babies; I’d put buttons on bags and bonnets,
I’d wear pink bandanas over purple locks and write more silly sonnets.
I’m a Special Education Teacher and teach with all my heart,
So I’d wear my Ta Ta Tee to teach real life skills with great art.

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