Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sniffle Buddies

Since my son is currently sick – today’s post is all about childhood hygiene.

1) Do not wipe your nose on your shirt.  It’s gross.
2) Do not use the wall or any other flat surface for wiping your hands.
3) If your remote controlled tissue box is not functioning, resort to this:


That’s right, a sports-wristband type thingy that is meant for children to wipe their noses on.  (Sniffle Buddy, in case you were wondering what one might call this fabulous thingy…)

I don’t know about you but my mother always encouraged me NEVER to wipe my nose anywhere near my arm or my sleeve.

This product seems slightly counterproductive in that fight…

Then again, teachers are instructing children to sneeze into the crook of their arm – which also was considered gross back in the day…so who knows, maybe I’m just old?

They come in multiple colors…I’d probably buy mine in light green…for obvious reasons.

Thanks Gingah for finding this one…Love ya babe..mean it!

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hillari said...

that is so cool! I think I'll be buying one in every color! haha. gross, but I can see it's practical side.

kellysnifflebuddies said...

HI & thanks so much for including Sniffle Buddies on your site!

It is odd and hard to determine if it's a good or bad thing, but in my case...it got him wiping it someplace besides his bare arm or shirt when he was 2. I did LOTS of chasing and begging, but he's allergic to the world and was sniffly and itchy all the time. Eventually, it seemed a bit cruel to huddle so endlessly over a toddler who wanted to "just play", but I needed to tend him somehow and try to keep his germy hands off his face all time. I started with a cut up tube sock...and ended here with the nice soft, "said to be anti-bacterial", bamboo velour bands.

He's older now and is great with a tissue, but still uses them when skiing...as do adults...cause otherwise, they're wipin' it on their gloves...and if they say they're not, they're either fibbin' or they're in the bar with a tissue box instead of out on the mountain :). They even make the gloves for wiping...now there's a YIKES! :)

They're now being used for drool with special needs kids & adults too. Glad to be helping instead of freaking folks out with sniffles.

Thanks again! Kelly :)

ps - they're NEVER for blowing into...oh my!

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