Thursday, April 1, 2010

EZ Cracker

When I was little my mother taught me a lesson that every mother teaches her child at some point in life.

How to crack an egg.

It’s a fairly simple task in life for me now, but I remember the struggles.

Now mothers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief…no more having the “talk” with their daughters regarding eggs…of the chicken variety anyway.


What is it?

Good question.  It’s a do-hicky that you stick an egg in and then squeeze the handles together and it cracks the egg for you into a bowl….

I admit, it’s kinda smart, for those who are egg cracking challenged.  But my favorite part of every infomercial…

BUT WAIT – There’s MORE!

That’s right, if you call right NOW (seriously, call now, the offer is only good for another 5 minutes…) you’ll get the EZ SCRAMBLER.


What is it pray-tell?  Well,  it’s another do-hicky, only this one has a dilly-bob on the top that punctures through the egg…then you push a button and it scrambles the yolk INSIDE the egg so that when you put it in the EZCRACKER and release it into the bowl you have perfectly scrambled eggs…EVERY TIME!

Hey, you know what else scrambles eggs???

A fork.

Thanks Mom for finding this one, AND for teaching me the proper way to crack an egg early in life.  I don’t know where I’d be today without that skill…possibly twenty dollars poorer after buying this thing.

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