Friday, April 2, 2010

And The Winner Is…

We did draw a winner yesterday – but being that it was April Fools Day, I deliberately chose NOT to post the winner – I didn’t want to be accused of fooling anyone…so the winner of the CandleBreeze – April 1st 2010 drawing is:

Tara G. of Phoenix, AZ.

Thank you for generating the winner!  I’m going to include the winner’s widget so you can check for true randomness!  Your entrant ID is your display name on the follower’s gadget, or if you entered via Twitter it’s your first and last name.  Click on the drawing title to check your entry status.

Tara, contact me as soon as you can so I can get the Candlebreeze shipped to you!

And for those that didn’t win, don’t worry- we’re still working on the Amazon cash giveaway AND there will be another CandleBreeze soon!  Plus, if you just can’t wait to WIN a CandleBreeze – you can use the coupon code TAMARA and get 40% off your purchase.

Thanks all!  Happy Shopping!

(I thought this would be completely a cool way to show you the winners…but I think I’m going to re-think it next time.  It’s very touch and case sensitive.  If you put your name in and it says you weren’t an entrant…contact me and I’ll give you the exact entry that it’s looking for.  Basically, if you are a follower via the google friend connect – or if you entered via twitter…then you are in there.)



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