Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remote Controlled Tissues

So, you are comfy.

You are in your favorite chair, feet up with a nice tall glass of red Kool-Aid and a plate of cookies (okay, or maybe that’s just MY world…anyway…)



Dangit!  The tissues are on the other side of the room!

Never fear…RC Tissue box is here!



That’s right fellow allergy sufferers…you can drive your tissues to you…much like you would a remote controlled car. 

One problem…

Now we have to hunt for the telephone, TV remote…and the tissue box controller.

That’s alright.  That’s what sleeves are for.

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Gingah said...

Of course! My question is: Where's the remote garbage can that goes with it to hold all of the cold season tissues that end up piled in the corner?

Jenn said...

okay, seriously, does it get any lazier than this???? Too crazy!

Rabid said...

That's pretty gosh darned ridiculous

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