Friday, April 9, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday - Knock Off Wood

I love furniture.

I know it's weird...but I have a love affair with it - and it's expensive.  So, alas, I only admire the wonderful pieces from affar.

Until now.

Recently I discovered Knock Off Wood.  This site is definitely fabulous.  The best part about it however - is everything on the site is free. 

Sort of.  You still have to buy the wood.

Knock Off Wood is a site where the owner - Anna (who I don't know personally, but I feel as though she might be one of my best friends...) - takes high quality, brand name furniture investigates it, pulls it apart (not literally...I don't think anyway...) and then draws up the plans for said furniture - for you to build yourself.

But, she doesn't stop there.

Building furniture can be a frightening prospect, especially if the only tools you own are a hammer and a screw driver.  Anna takes this into account.  You see, with her plans she also includes what they like to call in the lumber industry a "cut list".  You take this handy little list to your local big box lumber store and hand it over...tell them what kind of wood you want, and *presto!* they hand you back all the cut pieces.  You simply have to assemble and paint.

We are working on our first Knock Off Wood piece...a modular wall unit for our bedroom...and plan to do the farmhouse bed next.

Look, just because a website doesn't actually have anything for sale, doesn't mean it can't be a Fabulous Find.


Gingah said...

I am SOOO there! This is way cool. You know how things are at our house...Dad gets cooking supplies for Father's Day, Mom gets the power tools. This is wonderful!

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