Monday, March 8, 2010

My Beautiful Mommy

In these days of Doctor 90210 and outpatient plastic surgery's  very common place for women these days to get a little nip here and a little tuck there...

But sadly, many forget that there is one group of people deeply affected by this phenomenon.  Behind all the glamour and the glitz who is there for the children?

That's right, what about the CHILDREN?

One day mommy goes in for new, um - girlfriends - and the next she comes back looking more like your cousin Jennifer.

Very traumatic.

Worry no more - you can buy your precious little ones "My Beautiful Mommy" before you go in for your beautification and prepare them for what's coming up next.
Donate to your local COPS (Children of Plastic Surgery) today.  Someone has got to look out for the children, the poor innocent victims in all of this.
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