Thursday, March 18, 2010

In a pickle.


While there is nothing inherently wrong with a single serve pickle (of the non-yodeling variety) for some reason this product simply caught me off guard.

Perhaps it’s because of the pickle floating in a soft plastic bag in a strange yellowish fluid.

Perhaps it’s because of the cartoon pickles dancing and apparently singing on the packaging.

Perhaps it’s because of the names given to the pickles themselves – in this case “Sassy” for the Hot Mama Variety and “Portly” for the Big Papa Variety.

Yep.  That’s it.

It’s the names.

You should never, ever name your pickle.

That is all.

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Krista Freier Tjossem said...

They had these at Blockbuster last week when we were there. I kept shaking my head and saying "This is just WRONG" over and over.

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