Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Power!

There are two reasons I won’t ever have one of these self-stirring mugs in my house.

image image

1) We already have enough battery powered objects in the house.  (careful where you go with this one…)


2) I’m married to an engineer.  Most likely it’d end up being hooked up to the garbage disposal and enhanced ala “Tim Taylor” and I’d end up with a 2’ hole in the ceiling.

But hey, if you really are lazy enough to insist that you can’t stir your own hot beverage…more power to you…and by more power – I do not mean “More Power!”  Unless you live alone…and have a lot of insurance.

Thank you Joseph A. for this one  (for the record, yes he owns one and I believe he has plans for ramping up the motor so it can make him some smoothie goodness at work.  I strongly advised against it – although secretly I’d love to see him succeed.)

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