Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Bangs

I have four adoreable little girls.

And when they were babies – most of them looked like…boys.  C’mon, you all know that it is hard to tell the difference between a baby boy and a baby girl – most of the time anyway (and we are talking about babies with Diapers ON thank you, I do know the difference otherwise.)

Anyway, worry no more about being offended (or dumbfounded – whatever…) when someone asks you how old your beautiful baby boy is even though SHE is dressed from head to toe in PINK with PINK blanket and a PINK ribbon securely glued to her forehead.  (Yes, this did happen to me.  True story,  I swear.)

baby bangs

Introducing “baby bangs”  the hairpiece for babies.  The wig that says “I am NOT a boy.”

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