Friday, March 12, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday – Cricut Cake

I am a crafty person.  I like to create things out of paper or yarn or mashed potatoes…but mostly, I like to decorate cakes.

Yes, cakes – bigs ones, little ones, tiered ones, shaped ones…anything cake.  I love it.

Which is why today’s fabulous find makes me all giddy just thinking about it.

The Cricut Cake.


Looks like a regular Cricut machine no?   Well, it’s NOT!  This thing is awesome to the most awesome degree…and I own a regular Cricut - well it’s an Expression which is one step above the regular  Cricut - so I KNOW what this thing is capable of!  (For those that DON’T know what a regular Cricut Machine is capable are either a:not scrapbookers or b:living under a very secluded rock.)

It. Cuts. Gumpaste. AND. FONDANT!

Seriously, this thing rocks.  I can’t wait to have one to use forever in my kitchen.

Look out Duff – I’m coming to be the next ACE – and this thing is totally gonna help me do it.

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kimsch said...

OMG I need one of these. Will it roll the fondant and gum paste too?

yoktom said...

Now that WOULD be fabulous, but no - sadly you have to roll your own gumpaste and fondant. BUT with a pasta roller....

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