Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Automatic Toilet Flusher.

I saw this amazing ad for a great product….as a mother of five (toilet flushing challenged individuals…) I was thinking HEY – This looks AWESOME!  Seriously – who wouldn’t want something that did the following:

  • Automatic Toilet Flusher just like those in Public Restrooms
  • Includes 4 Built-In Flushing Functions
  • Flushing Function 1: Sensor Flush with Adjustable Distance Sensor flushes when you Walk away from the Toilet
  • Flushing Function 2: Sensor Flush Plus Delay - Flushes Toilet with Sensor plus Additional 7 Second Delay
  • Flushing Function 3: Touch-Free Hand-Wave Flush - Flushes your Toilet with the Wave of your Hand in Front of Sensor
  • Flushing Function 4: Automatic 24 Hour Flush - Flushes Once a Day while you Travel
  • Installs in Less then 10 Minutes
  • Fits Virtually All Toilets in the U.S. & Canada
  • Batteries Included that last for up to 100,000 Flushes!

Amiright?  Honestly – every mother’s dream come true, right?


Except when you realize the product is marketed for use by Cats.

That’s right – cats.


There’s not a rule that says I can’t buy it anyway and install it for my kittens right?  I’ll even make them use a fuzzy headband with pointed ears and tail if needed. 

Notice I didn’t even MENTION the fact that there are people out there toilet training their cats.  There were no “Meet the Parents” references.  I think I should also get credit for NOT posting this video from their website.  I also haven’t mentioned anything about the toilet training kit for Cats.  Not a word.  I’ve really grown in maturity don’t you think?

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Krista Freier Tjossem said...

I think you need to buy it and test drive it at your house... seriously. :)

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