Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last iProduct…this week. Promise.

I’m sorry – I’m still a little dumbfounded at how the iPhone and iPod and iPad – and pretty much anything apple branded or related sells in droves.   DROVES I tell you.  People just flock to them like – kids in a vegetable store – or something like that.

Since I don’t have an iPhone or iPad – or anything with a little “I” in front of it this next product didn’t make any sense to me at all.  I wasn’t even going to post it here (I tend not to mock what I don’t understand…it’s a karma thing…) until a friend of mine explained to me that the locking mechanism on the iProducts is exactly like that…For the technologically challenged and for those who simply don’t care about iProducts – it’s a touch screen.  There’s a little bar on it that says “slide to unlock” and you use your finger to “slide” the button to open the phone and access it’s many amazing features – or you know – so you can play games.  Once  all that was explained to me, this product then made sense – and of course DEFINITELY had to be posted here.


A 17” magnet for the side of your car – which I’d totally buy if I wasn’t afraid that people would actually try it…although, it’d be totally fun to watch.

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