Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Hats.

So - no Fabulous find Friday post today - why? Because I'm super sick, and I-m on this medicine induced weird brain fest thing --- that coupled with the fever I've been running - I swear I'm hallucinating.

You know when you are sick and can't sleep you stay up all night watching TV? Well - I was just lucky enough to be ill on a night when The Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton (a commoner *gasp*) was being televised to the world. At two AM. Perfect.

So, here I sat, watching television, in a NyQuil state of euphoria (perhaps that's the fabulous find, no?) and I started seeing things pop across the screen. The first few weren't bad-


Understated, and actually kind of pretty - the Queen herself looks great in Yellow.

The Queen and Princess of Spain also used a great deal of restraint in their hat designs.


But then - I saw these...


She's a news-anchor's wife, so perhaps she didn't have anyone on the Royal Staff teaching her about grace and understated looks- (Like Catherine's dress-that was simply beautiful-like Princess Grace of Monaco.)

There were also several "Satellite Dish" designs-and in this image I don't know what's better, the hat or the facial expression?


(you see - she IS royalty - so there goes my theory that nobody counseled her on her clothing choice.)


A "vision" in blue ? seriously, I thought I was seeing things.


Possibly preparing herself for impeding alien attack? (If I just stand still, they'll think I'm a mushroom?)


Hat or bow, hat or bow ---- oh heck - we'll do both!

But this last one - totally took the cake.


What. The. Heck. Is. That? Is she a guest or is she gift wrapped?


Oh dear Princess...

Back to bed with me. I'm pretty sure I really am hallucinating. In order to have faith in fashion and humanity I must believe that.


Thank you to Krystal for suggesting I post about these. Not only did she give me a great idea, but she also made me feel a little more confident I wasn’t hallucinating, because she saw them too.

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