Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just because it works for Apple…

Doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

Seriously people, stop putting the small letter “i” in front of your product names. 

It does not make you cool any more guys than signing up for Ballroom Dancing at BYU guarantees them a date…

(Chortle…snort…sorry, if you don’t go to BYU or don’t know about BYU that isn’t funny to you – but it’s stinkin’ hilarious to me :)


For instance…



Or the:


iBalance (it’s a fancy schmancy scale)

or how about:


the iGo spray bottle?  Oh now we’re just getting silly.

Here’s another iGo…


At least this one is a GPS System so the name kinda makes sense…

Let’s stop this insanity now – please I beg of you.  The tiny “i” has got to go.  I mean what would happen if we all started copying wildly successful phenomenon's?  Things like “Dancing with the Stars” would become some silly knock off like “Skating With The Stars” and then where would we be???


They DID???

Oh.  Well then little “i” people, carry on. 

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