Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why Just Nap When You Can “Snazzy Nap!”

A friend of my husband sent this to me the other day…

I could comment on the fashion statement this makes.

But I won’t.

I could comment on the designs – my favorite being the little lamb -
But I won’t do that either.
I could also comment on how when this is in use it looks eerily like a corpse draped with the Medical Examiner’s cloth and also discuss how that would totally creep me out if I saw it on an airplane or in a public place.
But I certainly wouldn’t do that.
What I will ask – since the whole purpose of this is privacy while sleeping in public places, does it come with Ear plugs???
Thanks Matt M…I too wonder why we didn’t think of that first – oh yea, because we are normal sane people – for the most part anyway.
found at yes – there’s a whole website.
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