Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puppy Ramps

I’ve fallen victim to many infomercials over the years.

Magic Bullet – Yea, I’ve got one.

Sham Wow – yep, got one of those too.

Mighty Putty…we’ll call that one a memorial purchase in honor of the late Billy Mays.

One thing I’ve found infomercials do really, really well is convincing poor sleep deprived members of society that they simply cannot live another moment without _________ (fill in the blank here).

My latest infomercial almost buy?

(I say almost here, because I did come to my senses…before I picked up the phone, thankyou.)


In case you don’t know, I recently adopted a puppy…well she’s five years old, but she’s puppy sized.  She really likes to sit on the bed, on the couch, etc…but she’s tiny, so getting up onto them is sometimes difficult for her.

So, there is this designer line of puppy ramps so that your small dog doesn’t have to feel left out and CAN get up on the furniture…


They come in “standard” and “designer” both products are represented here.  I think the difference is in color…and price.

So how much will one of these little ramps set you back?

$225.00 for the second one shown.

*ack* *cough* *choke* *other inaudible sounds and words…*

On second thought, she doesn’t need to sleep on my couch that bad.

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