Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today I’m not feeling well.  Honestly – not sure why.  My husband will tell you it is because I do too much and don’t rest enough.  I will tell you it’s because I have five children and three of them recently started school – along with a whole bunch of other children…a friend of mine will tell you that schools are just germ factories, which is why so many of them produce doctors.

Anyway.  Because my throat hurts I was looking for something to soothe it.

There are a lot of beverages out there to cure your medical conditions such as:


I’m pretty sure that one is for urinary tract infections.

And this one:


For those inflicted with hypohidrosis (people that can’t sweat on their own, or don’t produce enough of it…)

I’ve also located this seemingly helpful beverage…I think it is a substitute for Bean-o.


The following I’m a little confused on…not sure if it gives you SARS or is supposed to be an antidote for it:


The next one is genius.  I mean pure genius.  Whoever thought of selling water to those with aquaphobia (fear of water…not to be confused with hydrophobia which is an aversion to swallowing liquids and is commonly associated with rabies in humans) …well they were just pure – genius.


Waterproof water…amazing.

Sadly I never did find anything to cure my sore throat.  I guess I just stick to the old standby of hot water with honey and lemon.  However, I do feel comforted to know that beverage makers of the world are out to cure common ills, don’t you?

I feel I have to add a disclaimer, because you know there are one or two folks out there that will read this and then make a run to their nearest grocer or druggist to buy a case of fart juice for their loving spouse.  Of course none of these beverages do the things I say they do, they are just very oddly named…I think.  I’ve never purchased one so I guess I could be wrong…maybe they are amazing cures for whatever ails you…maybe not.

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