Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anything For White Teeth…

Many people will do anything for vanity.

I mean it’s very important to always look your best.

However, I think it’s very funny to see what people will go through to achieve beauty.

Remember the pore strips?  Millions of women across America looking like professional football players with nose injuries just to get rid of a few black heads.

In fact, my sister and I bought these strips and decided to try them together.  We made sure all the windows were closed and made sure nobody was coming over…then we wet them down and stuck them on the nose.

Two things -

1) when you are absolutely certain you aren’t expecting visitors is exactly when someone will show up unexpectedly.


2) when you pull those strips off quickly and with full force because someone has shown up at the door they not only hurt like heck but they will also rip in half causing you to pull the second half off while trying to see straight through the tears that have formed in your eyes.

That all being said – if you buy this thing (it’s supposed to make your teeth white, it’s called the Forever White) make sure you just block off contact from all people all together…


Smile and say cheese….

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