Thursday, September 16, 2010

Benign=Barbie in Chinese…

This summer we had a bit of a breast cancer scare at my house.  Turned out to be benign – which of course is AWESOME (You can read the whole story here) but…


Benign Girl Cell Phone toy.

It’s of course a Chinese Barbie knock off thingy.

Do you think someone should explain the meaning of “Benign” to the marketers?

“Oh, we will sell new toy to girls in America.  It pink.  It got Barbie-like girl on front…we call it ‘benign girl’ so Matel don’t get mad…”

*cheers and loud applause*

“Benign mean – special.  Lots of women happy about being benign..just read these stories on woman website which also pink…”

*more cheers and loud applause”

Yep, that’s exactly how I imagine this one happened.  Prove me wrong, I dare ya.



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