Monday, January 24, 2011

Fine. I bought a Snuggie.

For Dogs.


That’s right, I admit it, since becoming a dog owner I’ve actually broken down and purchased some of the things I found totally ridiculous before becoming a dog owner.

I will allow five minutes of public mocking – starting now.

There now, do you feel better?

Even with this public admission I promise now to never, ever purchase some of the other things featured – such as Freeze Poop Spray, Poop Tent, or Dog Powered Scooter.

Or this…

(puppy Tweets – the electronic collar that translates your dog’s bark into English phrases…and then tweets them.)

Because I have a hard enough time maintaining my own blog, let alone one for Summer.

Found here: and around the necks of poor defenseless puppies everywhere.  Or nowhere.  Or just in Japan.



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