Monday, June 13, 2011

Pajama Jeans

I like to wear comfy clothes as much as the next girl.

I even have tried to get away with wearing my pajamas in public...but only when going to Wal-Mart...that seems to be the uniform there (if you know what I mean).

Typically I wouldn't mock a product that allows me to look like I'm dressed appropriately, but am in secret wearing pajamas...

However - I've been paying close attention to their advertising...

"The mock pocket and contrast stitching makes them look like real designer jeans"
*Of course it does, the kind my mom used to buy me at the outlet store for three dollars a pair...because they were slightly irregular and one leg was longer than the other...*

image image

"Pajama jeans fit virtually every figure - from petite to Plus size!!"
*ummmm, kay, I've not seen anything made out of spandex blend that fit EVERY figure.  Just sayin'*

"The fashion sensation that fits EVERY Figure PERFECTLY"
*again, not so sure about that. These people have seen the website right?*

"Fits like a sexy second skin"
*uh, yea, I don't think skin tight denim on me is sexy. Nor is skin tight denim/spandex/cotton blend with contrasting stitching and rivets. Also, I'm pretty sure we already covered this.*

"It's a struggle to fit into ordinary jeans, they are uncomfortable and leave marks on your skin!"
*I honestly have nothing to say to this.  Speechless I tell you, purely speechless.*

"purchase for 39.95 and we'll send you this grey crew neck t-shirt, absolutely free"
*wait, what? A free shirt?  Nobody told me there was free stuff involved...well OKAY! Look honey, I got a free shirt and it only cost me 40 dollars plus shipping!  Awesome.*


I suppose these are a step up from wearing actual pajamas in public.  However, I'm kind of partial to my Chilly Willy Thermals, and I think I'd still rather wear those to wal-mart than these.  At least the world knows I'm not fooling anyone.  Besides, the thermals make it a little easier to get away with wearing my slippers in public as actual shoes - oh, and also I can refuse to do my hair too.  It's win win.

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