Thursday, June 16, 2011

Four words. Happy Hot Dog Man

Okay so I totally stole the title of this post from my friend Kim.  Yep, outright theft.  But it's okay, because you see - she still loves me.

What is the "Happy Hot Dog Man?" - I thought it was a part of the set of weenie roasters I posted here.  Turns out I'm wrong.

Turns out I'm not even  in the same ballpark.image Still not sure what it is?  Here are the tag lines from the commercial...

"The Happy Hot Dog Man makes a Happy Imprint on your Hot Dog."

um, what?

"Just boil him in water to start the fun!"

Because I always consider boiling water the precursor to anything fun.

"Safe for kids"

Boiling water and sharp plastic knives. Um kay.

"Take your family's food from boring to scoring!"

I dare the next Master Chef participant to use this one on Ramsey.  Double Dog Dare.

"Make your meal a weiner."

Totally my personal favorite.

Yay!  Happy Hot Dog Man!

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