Monday, November 22, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

I love this time of year.  People always find the most inventive ways to take ordinary items and turn them into splendid holiday gifts.

I love walking into stores and finding previously neglected items turned into amazing holiday gifts with the addition of a simple wrapping bow:


Nothing says Happy Holidays like Red Meat -  Amiright???

I seriously think I’ve underestimated the gift quality of meat.  Seriously.

Meat also makes a great decoration, in case you didn’t know…

Ahhhh…the pork and potatoes nativity … a must in every home.  This decoration is also accompanied by the time honored Christmas Carol “We Three Kings Became Puppy Chow” (Sung to the tune of “We Three Kings Of Orient Are” of course)

These bath gift baskets have always made me giggle.  I realize they are supposed to be a gift of relaxation and pampering treatments – however whenever I get one I can’t help but think…

“Merry Christmas Mom!  You STINK!!!”


(Pretty please use this before our company gets here…no really, hurry.  Maybe you should use it twice…)

This next gift is a beautifully wrapped piece…


Isn’t it gorgeous?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to get chocolate for Christmas.  The more the merrier – BUT, it still kinda says “I thought of you while standing in the grocery checkout line…” Dontcha think?

Oh – Wait, I get it---you are buying the chocolate bar for the same person you are buying THESE for:


(isn’t it awesome how they incorporated the BOW into the packaging?  No need to wrap!  Pure GENIUS I tell you!  GENIUS!)

Or finally – because buying her that blender last Christmas didn’t get you in enough trouble…


Oh look!  What I always wanted … A Bottle brush.  Gee.  Thanks.



Thank you Bill C. for pointing out to me that meat is not only thoughtful but also romantic.  Who knew…

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