Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There’s an app for that…

Ever notice how there’s an app for practically everything.

There have been some pretty ambitious developers out there creating everything from games that shoot little birds at pig piles to apps that allow us to do all our banking from the privacy of our own smartphone.

And now…


I’m not going to make any religious jokes here.  Simply because I just don’t find any of them funny – except for the one about the Bishop, the Rabbi and the Priest that go fishing…but other than that…

Anyway – this app, developed with the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church allows you to put all your sins into a neat little checklist, verify that they are sins against the commandments (you know, in case you had questions about that), and then take your handy dandy little smartphone, ipad, or ipod into the confessional with you – so you don’t forget anything.


Oh, and no need to memorize those pesky prayers anymore.  They are there too.

Thank you Curtis R for pointing this out.  I think.



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