Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Justin Bieber...Nail Polish

Okay, so I know all about the Biebster...I have two tweenage girls after all.  I also understand that celebrities tend to brand every day items as "their own" to capitalize on their fame and to gain more fortune...  examples of this:

Madden NFL games (You see, he's a football star, and he branded a football game.  Makes perfect sense.)


Wolfgang Puck Cookware.  (An amazing chef who has branded his own line of cookware...)


Michael Jordan Cologne. (Because we all want to smell like a sweaty athlete...)


And now, introducing the most recently celebrity branded product, sure to make perfect sense in the minds of millions of Americans...

Justin Bieber Nail polish.

Because he's pretty and looks like a girl?

We'll go with that.


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